1. Install the Bugu client. After download the Bugu source code from Home page. You can find bugu.apk file under /bin.Install the bugu.apk to your devices.

2. Run the Bugu client. You can find an application named bugu on your devices. Open it, touch the Start Monitor button, bugu will start monitor your system and gather data.


3. Show the information cached. Under the Record tab, you can see the raw data records which tagged by time.


You can do many operations on each records


power variation, delete record, and so on.


such as average power


4. Look up application power in the Bugu server. Under the Power tab, you can search any applications' power information which stored in the Bugu server. You can choose a energy-friendly one to install.


5. For developers, in order to access event information, you should re-compile
Android OS with BatteryStatsService file. Then run the Bugu client, you can
get event information under the Record tab.

6. For people who want to play with Bugu source code, in order to compile the
code, you need to use Android internal classes and hidden APIs. We provide
two platforms with internal classes:

APILevel 10: android-10-internal
API Level 15: android-15-internal.
We use Eclipse to compile the code, and we
need to change Eclipse adt file to make sure it allow us to use "internal"
class. So, after get correct API level internal class, please make sure your
compiler can work on it.